About the Collection

Ukrainian American collector Jurii Maniichuk assembled this group of 140 Soviet-era paintings from Ukraine while working as a legal consultant in Kyiv in the 1990s. The paintings adhered to the official socialist realist style and had fallen from favor in the newly independent country. The collection encompasses portraits, landscapes, still lifes, scenes of work and life, war-time images, and paintings with a political or historic theme. Also included are seven portraits of Maniichuk painted by top artists from 1995 through 1997—an experiment intended to show how different painters interpreted the same subject.

Maniichuk brought the paintings to the U.S. in 1999 with hopes that he would quickly find a museum where they could be exhibited, studied, or possibly acquired. In 2000, he met and married American journalist Rose Brady. When Maniichuk died unexpectedly in 2009, she continued the search. After several exhibitions in New York and Florida,, she decided to donate the majority of the works to three prominent museums in 2019-2020: The Georgia Museum of Art of University of Georgia, The Mead Art Museum of Amherst College, and The Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She also gifted the collection archive, the Jurii Maniichuk and Rose Brady Papers, to The Georgia Museum–thus completing the paintings’ 20-year journey to American museums where they can be researched and enjoyed. The Museum of Russian Art published her memoir of the collection, The Jurii Maniichuk and Rose Brady Collection of Soviet Ukrainian Art: A Journey of Art, Politics, and Life, including images of all the paintings, in 2021. (It is available at ShopTMORA.org).

Ivan Babenko, Waiting. 1945., 1975-1985. Oil on canvas. 48 7⁄16 x 65 3⁄4 in.
Gifted to the Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia

Natalia Korobova, Noon, 1970. Oil on canvas. 54 1/2 x 70 in.
Gifted to the Mead Art Museum, Amherst College

Museum Information

The Georgia Museum of Art of University of Georgia

90 Carlton Street
Athens, GA 30602

The Mead Art Museum of Amherst College

41 Quadrangle Drive
Amherst, MA 01002

The Museum of Russian Art

5500 Stevens Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55419

Maniichuk-Brady Collection Paintings Sold at Auction or Gifted to Individuals

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A Note on Names and Transliteration

The artists in the Jurii Maniichuk and Rose Brady Collection represent various ethnic groups–Ukrainian, Russian, Tatar and others. They all lived and worked in Ukraine during Soviet times, when the Russian language dominated in government, educational, and official art institutions. The issue of transliteration from Ukrainian or Russian into English is complex because the languages are similar yet noticeably different. (For example, the transliteration of the Russian spelling of the Ukrainian capital is Kiev. The Ukrainian spelling of the capital is transliterated as Kyiv.) In the Soviet era and in documents related to the Maniichuk-Brady collection, the Russian rather than the Ukrainian spelling of Ukrainian artists’ and other names was frequently used–both by institutions and the artists themselves.

Spellings of artists’ surnames in this website are mostly based on those in Jurii Maniichuk (ed.), Realism and Socialist Realism in Ukrainian Painting of the Soviet Era (Kyiv: LK Maker, 1998), the original catalogue of the collection. First names of ethnic Ukrainian artists have been transliterated from Ukrainian. Transliterations follow the modified Library of Congress standard.